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We provide all phases of Logging and Land Clearing in Western Washington. We pride our company on quality work with the highest expertise in strict Environmental Standards and Customer Service. 
If you are interested in the value of your standing timber at today's market and would like to talk about your logging and land clearing options. Please call for a free property evaluation of your standing timber today.
 1-800-LOG- ALOT (1-800-564-2568) or 425-432-5004  

We understand that harvesting timber is usually a once in a lifetime event and getting highest dollar for your timber is what we do- all while keeping up with the strict environmental standards! Whether it's clearcutting for development, selective harvesting or buffers we work hard to maintain the highest industry credibility and respect. " We are the Real Deal" Timber and Logging since 1964" Professional Logging for private landowners and tree farms in Washington State. 

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1-800-LOG-ALOT (564-2568)
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