American Forest Lands Washington Logging Company
Logging and Timber for over 50 years since 1964
We are a members of the Washington Contract Loggers Association
Affiliated with American Loggers Council
Better Business Bureau Accredited

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Fully Licensed and Insured 

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1-800-LOG- ALOT (1-800-564-2568) or 425-432-5004.

We provide all phases of responsible Logging & Land clearing in Western Washington. We pride our company on quality work- with the highest quality in Environmental Standards and Customer Service.

American Forest Logging Company is here to answer all your questions or just to help if you are a land owner and in need of some tree removal, tree thinning, or view clearing on your property give us a call. 

We understand that harvesting timber is usually a once in a lifetime event and getting highest dollar for your timber is what we do- all while keeping up with the strict environmental standards! Whether it's clear cutting for development, selective harvesting or buffers- we work hard to maintain the highest industry credibility and respect.  

" W
e are the Real Deal"  Timber and Logging since 1964" 

Professional Logging for private landowner and tree farms in Washington State.

Services include:

* Selling and Buying Timber
* Firewood
* Log Hauling 
* Self Loader 
* Hauling Poles
* Trucking to Northwest mills & log yards in Western Washington 
* Land Clearing
* Road Building
* Selective Harvest 
* Buffers
* Environmentally skilled 
* Forestry Consulting 
* Tree Farm Thinning 
* Clear Cutting 
* Stump Removal 
* Permits DNR Harvest Permits and Planning
* Reforestation
* Timber management 
 *Tree Logging 
* Tree Clearing
* Tree Cutting
* Clear Cutting
* Timber Harvesting
* Tree Planting
* Logging Services
* Forestry Consulting
* Forestry Services