Firewood for sale


  • LOGS LOGS LOGS! Green or Seasoned!
  • Order log truck loads or dump truck load of firewood logs!
  • Self Loader Log truck delivers jumbo log truck loads of firewood logs!
  • Dump Truck delivers log loads of logs.
  • We deliver in log form only- then you split cords in your free time! Use your own tools, chainsaw or wood splitter for cutting cordwood.
  • Call for prices, availability, delivery times and locations- Go Natural, don't be left in the cold- Order your fire wood logs in bulk and save money!

Selling firewood in most Puget Sound locations.

  • Douglas Fir
  • Hemlock
  • Maple or Alder (hardwood)
  • Cedar
  • Seasoned firewood, Green wood, Fresh Cut
  • Firewood is an energy-efficient a renewable heating your home. Firewood emits less CO2 in the atmosphere compared to burning fossil fuels.
    Go natural- burn wood!

Serving NW Mills & Private Land Owners Since 1964